Tomb of the Mask Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking for tips on playing Tomb of the Mask, read this. This article will cover
topics such as powerups, obstacles, leveling up, and removing ads. It also includes
the best strategy for the game, so you can maximize your enjoyment and have a
blast! In addition, you can use these tips to help you beat the game faster! So, get
started and enjoy the game! After all, it’s the first of its kind!


In Tomb of the Mask, you’ll progress through the game by collecting coins and dots.
To increase your chance of collecting the coins, you can buy powerups. These
upgrades will increase your chances of getting bonuses such as extra lives. You can
also unlock new characters and use their special abilities. There are several reasons
to play this game, including its fast pace and nostalgic style. Below are some of
Coin Addict, Magnet, Freeze, and Shield are the most helpful powerups in the game,
especially in early levels. You’ll also need shields later in the game. Once you have
these abilities, you’ll be more likely to get the items you need to defeat the
monsters. You can earn coins and upgrades by completing a subscription. You can
also purchase additional masks to make the game easier.


In Tomb of the Mask, you’ll be collecting dots and coins. However, there are
obstacles and enemies everywhere, so you must be extra careful. Sometimes, they’ll
be visible, but in other instances, you might not be able to see them. In the game,
obstacles can be in the form of spikes, rocks, and other objects. Fortunately, you can
bypass them by planning ahead.
To be able to overcome obstacles, you’ll need to know their behavior and function
differently than enemies. The most common type of obstacle is triggered by motion
detection. These spikes can kill unwary players by knocking them off course. Some
enemies can even be in the form of snakes or spiders. You’ll also have to avoid other
creatures to advance to the next level. But be careful, because the higher you
progress, the harder the obstacles are.

Leveling up

Tomb of the Mask is a great arcade game that requires players to climb walls and
level up their character. The gameplay combines elements of Pac-Man and Atari.
Players need to react quickly to a variety of hazards, and the difficulty of the levels
increases as they progress. There are a variety of ways to level up your character,
including daily rewards. Let’s look at some of them! Listed below are tips and tricks
for leveling up in Tomb of the Mask.
First of all, make sure you have coins. Coins can be obtained by collecting dots and
coins. In addition, you can also equip active amplifiers to help you out. One such
active amplifier is the shield. This power gives you a shield that makes you
invulnerable. To activate this power, double-tap the screen. The shield is good for
absorbing physical damage, but you must keep replenishing the shield to keep it
active. Shields cost 200 coins to recharge, which seems like a lot at the beginning.

Removing ads

If you’re tired of the annoying ads that pop up while you play Tomb of the Mask
Color, then there are some options you can try. First of all, you should make sure
that you turn off your mobile network or Wifi when playing the game. You should
also disable notifications in the game itself. Disabling the notifications will improve
your game performance as well. However, if you don’t have this option, you might
be forced to pay $3.49.

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