Star Stable – How to Get Free Horses
in Star Stable

Star Stable is an easy to use horse simulation game with an easy to understand
interface and simple quests. The only real downside is that the number of foals you
can buy for free is exaggerated. You’ll need to shell out real money in order to get
even three. Besides that, there’s a good variety of horse breeds and colors.

Customize your horse

Customize your star stable horse by using various cosmetic items. There are a
variety of ways to customize your mount, but the first step is to make a bond with
him. Once you have bonded with your mount, you can change his tack and saddle to
give him a more personalized look. There are also a number of cosmetic items that
you can change for your horse, including its mane and bridle.
Horses can also be customized by adding different facial features and clothing.
There are various eye colors, hairstyles, and skin tones to choose from. In addition,
different breeds are available for you to choose from. The more you progress in the
game, the more variety you will be able to unlock. You can also unlock secret horses
that are hidden from other players.

Train your horse

If you’re looking to train your star stable horse, you have a few options. Firstly, you
can hire a trainer. This person will charge you Star Coins for the training of your
horse. The trainer will charge you 25 Star Coins for leveling your horse up to level
two, and 250 Star Coins for leveling up to level three.
If you’re looking to train your horse quickly and easily, you can use the trainer. This
method is the fastest way to train a horse, but it does cost money. It’s also
recommended for the last three levels, as these are the ones that require the most
xp and SC.

Own a horse

Own a star stable horse is an open-world RPG game that combines MMO elements
with a passion for horses. When you start playing the game, you are given a stallion,
and you can then customize his appearance to suit your tastes. You can play for free
up to level 5 of the game, but after that you’ll have to pay a subscription fee. The
game offers 36 different breeds of horses, including some that are exclusive to the
Jorvik world.
The game’s interface allows you to customize your horse’s name and age. You can
also change its gender. Each breed of horse has a different starting stat. After
purchasing a horse, you can use it to inspect other horses at the stable.

Transfer a horse to your stable

There are a number of ways you can transfer a horse to your Star Stable. Once you
have the ability to own and train horses, you can begin transferring your animals.
First, you will need to buy or sell the horse you are selling. To sell a horse, doubleclick on the horse’s name in the top-right corner of the screen and click the Sell This
Horse button. After you have done this, you will receive 2500 Jorvik shillings for your
horse. You should note that transferring a horse to your Star Stable will not affect
any other horses that you already own.
Another way to transfer a horse to your Star Stable is to use Star Coins. The Star
Coins will allow you to buy any color horse you wish. You can also reset the game
and begin with any foal.

Getting free items in Star Stable

One of the best ways to get free items in Star Stable is to redeem codes. These
codes are available on the game’s website. They will grant players free items such
as Star Coins, Treats, Pets, and Cosmetics. However, these codes are not available
every day. Therefore, it is important to double-check your codes to be sure they
Star Stable is a popular horse-riding game that has plenty of content for horse
lovers. In addition to solving quests in Jorvik and participating in races, players can
try to acquire a legendary horse. Players can also use codes to get cosmetics and
star coins, which are usually reserved for paid subscribers.

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