Mad Skills BMX 2

Mad Skills BMX 2 is a game that lets you become a biker and race against
opponents. You start out as an amateur racer and advance by completing levels.
Your opponents are AI, and they will try to beat you. If you can beat the AI opponent,
you can advance to the next level. There are 10 levels in total. You can also go back
to an earlier level to complete it again.


Mad Skills BMX 2 has an excellent control system, with buttons that are easy to
press and intuitive to learn. The game’s controls include up and down arrows, as well
as a bunny-hop to get more air off jumps. Several other buttons are also available,
but none of them affect the core gameplay.
The controls are intuitive and simple. Press the up button to jump and press the
down button to slide. The game also has excellent in-game physics to make tricks
look real. The game offers 7 different bikes, which can be unlocked by completing
in-game challenges.


Upgrades in Mad Skills BMX 2 give you the ability to improve the look and
performance of your bike. These upgrades can be made to different parts of the
bike, such as the grip or suspension. They can also be used to customize your bike’s
visuals and costume. The game also allows you to compete with other players
The gameplay of Mad Skills BMX 2 is similar to that of the first game. You progress
through the game by completing each level. Each level is called a “world” and
contains multiple specific tracks. As you progress, the difficulty of the game
increases, making it more challenging to complete each level.

Air time

Mad Skills BMX 2 is a game of timing and finesse. The more you control your bike,
the more air time you’ll get for flips and other tricks. You can also gain extra speed
by crouching, but you need to make sure you do it with the right timing. Crouching
too early will reduce your speed.
The best way to maximize your air time in Mad Skills BMX 2 is to spend some time
testing the different features. For example, if you like to perform flips, you’ll want to
buy a stunt bike, because these bikes have excellent flipping capabilities. Then, you
can upgrade your bike’s grip and suspension. That will allow you to perform multiple
tricks and achieve enormous “big air” times.


Mad Skills BMX 2 mod apk provides the player with high-quality graphics and sound
effects. The game requires an Android device running on OS 4.4 or higher. Graphics
are detailed and colorful. The game also features special effects and crowd sound. It
is easy to use and manage.
Graphics in Mad Skills BMX 2 have been upgraded to fully 3D. However, they lack
character and realism. The biker’s character is simplistic and lacks personality. This
is in contrast to the boss characters, who feature unique models.

In-game competitions

Mad Skills BMX 2 in-game competitions allow you to compete against other players
all over the world. You can earn rewards by winning weekly competitions. If you are
not sure what to compete in, you can try the games from Mad Skills Motocross 2. It
is also possible to compete with friends online.
This BMX game features 7 different bikes and physics. You can customize each bike
to fit your own style of play. You can also choose from seven different color schemes
for your bike. The game also features weekly jam competitions with international
players. There are also evil bosses to overcome.

Free to download

Mad Skills BMX 2 is a new racing game that has a lot of different features. It has 2D
graphics and is very enjoyable to play. It also features online multiplayer, which is
great if you want to compete against other gamers. It has a lot of different tracks
that you can race through.
The controls are very easy to learn and use. The game features a variety of bikes,
paint jobs, and uniforms. You can customize your bike and try new tricks as you
progress through the game. There are also tutorials available to help you improve
your skills.


The difficulty of Mad Skills BMX 2 is wildly inconsistent. Some tracks are easy, while
others require a significant amount of skill and patience. You might even find that
it’s impossible to win some levels, especially if you don’t have an AI opponent.
However, you can still get around these issues by trying different strategies.
Mad Skills BMX 2 features a difficulty curve that increases as you unlock more
stages. The game’s first stage is one of the most classic, and it has a very classic
design with a bridge over a green hill. As you progress through the game, you’ll find
that you’ll find more challenging levels, including one that will take you a while to

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