How to Get Free Items and Rewards
in Pocket Love

If you want to get freebies and rewards for playing Pocket Love, there are many
ways to earn them. The good news is that you can enjoy the game even while
watching ads. In this article, we will talk about how to get free items and level up in
the game. In addition, we will talk about activities that earn coins and EXP. We’ll also
look at some of the best ways to get these rewards. Once you’ve mastered these
strategies, you’ll be able to enjoy the game even more!

Getting free items

In order to unlock furniture and other items in Pocket Love, you’ll first need to level
up. This can be done by completing daily tasks, opening boxes outside the house, or
buying items from the in-game store. Once you have leveled up, you can decorate
your home with different kinds of furniture, such as carpets, floor tiles, and
wallpaper. This way, you can customize your home as you please.
There are several ways to get free items in Pocket Love. First, you can watch ads.
These can earn you up to 5 dogllars or 500 coins daily. You can also collect random
furniture items. However, you should keep in mind that the items you earn from
these sources have a limited number of uses and will be removed after a certain
amount of time. You can also claim your free items by claiming hearts.

Leveling up in the game

In Pocket Love, you can buy furniture and other products by earning coins and EXP.
In order to purchase more furniture, you need to level up. You can also buy new
ones by opening boxes outside your house or purchasing them from the in-game
store. You can buy various furniture and wall objects by opening the shopping cart
icon in the lower-right corner of the game. In addition, you can also open boxes
outside your house to receive free items.
There are different ways to level up in Pocket Love, but the main goal is to complete
the game. Earning more EXP and coins will grant you more power, and you can also
do other activities that do not cost any money but will give you more joy. The most
common activities revolve around home makeovers and rooms. As you level up, you
can buy new furniture and upgrade the ones you already have. This way, you can
earn more hearts and upgrade your house.

Activities that earn you coins and EXP

In the game, you can perform various activities that will earn you coins and EXP.
However, there are some activities that will not earn you any coins. These activities
can be fun and will provide you with plenty of joy. The most common activities are
related to the makeover of different rooms and entire homes. These activities are
not rewarded with coins, but they can earn you extra EXP or coins. In addition to
earning coins, these activities can also provide you with a lot of happiness.

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