Dead Cells Update

If you’ve been playing Dead Cells, you’re probably wondering what the newest
update is all about. This article will give you the lowdown on the new weapons,
Assist mode, and reworked outfit selection UI. And of course, we’ll talk about new
curses and other tweaks, too. But first, let’s review some of the other changes to the
game. So let’s start with some highlights.

Assist mode

If you’re looking for an easier way to play Dead Cells, you should consider using
Assist Mode. This mode will allow you to perform certain tasks with minimal effort,
such as selecting the difficulty level. You can choose between three difficulty levels:
easy, medium, and hard. Once you’ve chosen the difficulty level, you can choose
how many lives you want to have in the game. In addition, you can customize the
difficulty settings to match your personal needs.
Dead Cells’ Assist Mode is available in the options menu. From here, you can set a
number of options for the game’s difficulty. You can adjust your health, attack
damage, and enemy health by adjusting the sliders. You can also disable traps and
reduce enemy damage by lowering their health. In addition to changing your
difficulty settings, you can also customize the color of your HUD, menus, icons, and

New weapons

The new Dead Cells update brings three new weapons and a curse to the popular
action-adventure game. Players will also find a new challenge room, as well as a
two-handed weapon style. This update will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4,
and PC. There is no set date for the release of the update. In the meantime, players
can expect to see a few of the game’s previous updates in future.
The Dead Cells update adds a Panchaku weapon, the same weapon that you can use
in Soul Knight. The update also adds a new Bobby Outfit inspired by the flaming
head seen in the game’s trailers. There are also rebalanced 29 other weapons. The
update also brings the ‘Bobby’ outfit for characters in the game’s multiplayer mode.
This outfit allows you to use a glowing pink head while in combat.

Reworked outfit selection UI

Dead Cells recently received its 26th patch, known as Everyone Is Here. This new
update brings back familiar faces from the game. The new Hollow Knight character
can now attack upwards or downwards and will bounce on enemies to deal critical
damage. Blasphemous, meanwhile, can crush a flask on an enemy’s forehead to
heal 35 percent of his missing health. This new character has several other changes
as well.
Reworked outfit selection UI: The game has improved its interface for choosing
outfits. The outfit selection UI has been overhauled, and you can now choose
between three different outfits with the same design. In addition to this update, you
will also find bug fixes and new weapons. There are some cosmetic changes, and a
new DLC mode called “Fatal Falls” will soon be available for all players.

New curses

The latest update for the game has arrived: the new Curse of the Dead Cells. This
curse increases your speed while taking damage. The visual nod to the game’s main
character, the Curse of the Headless adds an interesting new wrinkle to this game.
New curses are also available for the game’s weapons, including a two-handed style.
Cursed items also give you an edge against more difficult enemies, including
The first game in the series was released last year, but this one is more interesting
because it was developed by the same developers as Dead Cells. The new content is
similar to the original game, but adds new enemies and bosses. The game is also
gated, which means it’s more difficult to progress in Curse. However, it’s still very
enjoyable and you’ll have a blast exploring the dead cells.

Bug fixes

The latest patch includes bug fixes to several areas of the game. Players are no
longer stuck off-screen when using their weapon or shield, and Grenades no longer
cause negative damage. The player’s controls are no longer locked for 0.5 seconds
after deflecting a grenade. Additionally, the effect of PoisonSkin now affixes poisons
on mobs when they take damage. Some enemies, including the Grenader and the
Timekeeper, now have a new, faster-moving hit box, and a few more.
Another new feature is the Panchaku, a weapon made of two frying pans joined by a
string. It can slash enemies from the front and back. This is the first weapon in the
game to feature animation. Those who haven’t already played the game will
appreciate the Panchaku’s new animations. The game’s other bug fixes include the
GamePad control rework, the UI rework, and more.

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