Dead Cells Switch Review

Dead Cells is not a Nintendo Switch exclusive, but it feels right at home and adds a
lot to the Nintendo Switch’s catalog. If you’re a fan of rogue-like or Souls-type
games, you’ll love this fast-paced action title. It is the creation of motion twin, the
same developers that brought us Angry Birds and Spyro the Dragon. I was
pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the game.

Combat system

The combat system in Dead Cells is quite different from other games of this genre.
In this title, you can equip two weapons and two skills and use them liberally. Each
has a cooldown and a different duration. Players must find and equip these as they
advance through the castle. There is also a healing potion, but it’s limited and takes
a long time to drink. This means that you need to use it wisely. There are four types
of weapons to use.
Dead Cells has a combat system that relies on visceral combat. Its movement
system reacts and flows, allowing you to execute a variety of attacks and strategies.
There’s also a good feedback design that makes the combat system feel natural and
satisfying. While combat in Dead Cells may be a bit different from other games, it’s
not that different. As such, the game is a good fit for players who like to experience
visceral gameplay.


The first Dead Cells game is a solid 2D action platformer. As you progress through
the storyline, you’ll gain permanent upgrades, new weapons and items, and access
to more levels and paths. You’ll also learn the lore of the island. And the game’s
combat is silky smooth. The overall experience is a gold standard for 2D action
platformers. This review will explore the two different storylines and provide an
overview of the gameplay.
The first game featured characters from other games, including DLC. This is a
positive for fans of the series. The second game also features crossover characters,
outfits, and weapons. It’s easy to jump from one game to the next and see what
happens next. Regardless of how the game’s storyline ends, the game is a great
adventure, and will be a great option for fans of the series.

Pixel art style

In this Dead cells switch review, I’m going to discuss what makes this game stand
out from the pack. As far as visuals go, Dead Cells is a gem. The pixel art style is
beautiful, with fluid movements, intense action combat, and incredible progression.
The game tasks you with exploring medieval settings while dodging traps. The pixel
art style is stunning, and the game moves at such blazing speeds that there is very
little downtime!
I’ve always been a fan of pixel art games, and this one does not disappoint. It has
gorgeously detailed characters, bosses, and environments that make it feel like the
game was made in the 1980s. The level design is detailed, with rich colour palettes.
Combat is fluid, and there’s a wide variety of weapons to unlock. There’s so much to
love about Dead Cells, and I’m glad I jumped on it at launch.

Metroidvania elements

A mix of roguelike and Metroidvania elements, Dead Cells was an Early Access title
that was highly anticipated in 2017. With its procedurally generated world, on-going
progression systems, and myriad unlockable items, this game delivers endless
replayability and a spark of originality. However, despite its strong appeal, it’s also
worth a cautious disapproval.
As a result, the gameplay is primarily centered around combat and progression,
rather than exploration. The randomly generated maps follow a strict pattern, and
are nearly identical to previous runs. Paths often branch in multiple directions, and
it’s impossible to go back to the beginning of a level or backtrack. In addition, the
game is difficult to beat – a significant negative of a Metroidvania game.

Reward loop

After a long day of exploring zombie-infested maps and grinding for loot, it’s time to
switch weapons and gear to advance in Dead Cells. This procedurally generated
action game offers several ways to change the reward loop in the game. Weapon
loadouts, enemy types, and paths will all change from run to run. This keeps the
experience feeling fresh. However, it’s not all fun and gamespy. Dead Cells is a
great choice for gamers who like a challenge.
For gamers who love to play on the go, the mobile version of Dead Cells has some
unique features that will make it easier to get a high score. First and foremost, autohit mode is a feature that is only available for mobile devices, but will be added to
the console and PC versions soon. This mode allows you to take a few hits to get the
highest score and earn the highest reward. Getting higher scores will unlock new
weapons, and level upgrades are an important part of the game’s reward system.

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