Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is a free-to-play game that will feature microtransactions to
enable players to purchase gear and skins. Those who want more customization can
choose from a variety of classes. You can learn more about the different classes
here. This game is expected to launch in the first half of 2019.


Apex Legends Mobile is set to launch on Android and iOS devices on July 12. It’s
separate from the PC and console versions, and features new characters exclusive
to these platforms. For those interested in playing Apex Legends on mobile,
Respawn has introduced a new character known as Rhapsody. The new legend is a
variation of the Wraith that offers skills more suited for smaller screens.
Rhapsody is an Apex Legend who is the first mobile-exclusive hero in the game. This
new character is a DJ who loves music and rhythm. She has a companion bot named
Rowdy and has music-themed special abilities. The game will feature an extended
season for the new hero.
Rhapsody is a strong support character, but a few things to keep in mind before
using her. First, she has a great Ultimate ability that can shake an enemy’s meta,
but she’s not as good as other classes. In addition, she has a weak Tactical, making
her inferior to Gibraltar and Caustic.
Rhapsody has a complicated backstory. She was born in Komma, a city ruled by the
evil Pythas Inc. Rhapsody’s mother was a brilliant AI engineer. Rhapsody uses her
musical talent to cover her abilities and make money in the Apex Games.


Crypto is a new perk system exclusive to Apex Legends mobile. With this update,
players can gain more experience, buy new skins, and improve their abilities. This
update also brings changes to the King’s Canyon map. In addition, players can buy
new skins for their characters from the Store Vault.
Crypto was first hinted at in the leaks for the next 14 legends, which came out when
the Rhapsody update was released. The leaks revealed that Apex Legends Mobile
would include Crypto. However, players had to wait a little longer for the game to
include him. The new addition will be available in the Hyperbeat season, and players
will be able to get familiar with the abilities of the new character.
Crypto’s passive ability, called Neurolink, allows him to spot enemy squads that are
within 30 meters of him. Another useful feature is the Drone EMP, which disables
enemy traps and deals shield damage. The drone can also be remotely controlled
and can track enemies. It also has the Neurolink ability, which reveals enemy HP and
armor. In addition, it can detect hazards on the battlefield. Crypto’s ultimate ability,
the Drone EMP, has a three-second duration.
There are two ways to unlock Crypto in Apex Legends mobile. The first way is to
purchase a Syndicate Gold item or pay a specific amount of money. The second way
is to unlock Crypto through the Hyperbeat battle pass. For this, players need to
collect 10 Crypto Fragments, which can be found in the free track of the battle pass.


Apex Legends mobile has received a positive response from gamers, and its new
season, Distortion, is full of exciting new features. The game’s new game mode will
give players an entirely new experience. This season will also introduce a new
legendary hero named DJ Rhapsody.
New season 2 maps are also on the way, such as Pythas Block 0 in Apex Legends
Mobile. This night-themed locale has futuristic towers and has the potential to be a
deadly battleground. Players will be able to play a variety of classes and weapons in
Pythas, and they can earn Pythas coins, which help them earn rewards.
Apex Legends Mobile is known for its unique gameplay. With new maps and new
playable characters, players will be able to take on even more challenges and
develop new strategies. The new Pythas Block 0 map will be available on July 12.
The new map will also add new cosmetic items and content.

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